25.00 2.50 USD

Upon purchasing this package, you will receive the Sloth Rank on Skyblock.
Below is a list of all the available perks Sloth gives you.

  • Receive a cool Sloth Tag in chat, ¬†/list, TAB, and in Discord! To get your rank on Discord, simply type /sync in-game and then run !sync in Discord with that code. Contact staff for support if you have trouble.
  • Ability to mine spawners
  • Able to auction up to TWO items instead of one
  • Ability to set up to FIVE homes
  • Ability to set TEN chest shops
  • Ability to access ONE¬†playervault
  • Ability to work TWO jobs instead of one
  • Set up to TWO public warps
  • Receive a 1.1x mcMMO boost, forever!
  • Receive a 10% EXP boost, forever!
  • Ability to use the command /enderchest
  • Ability to set your own nick name using /nick
  • Ability to look up crafting recipes using /recipe
  • Ability to set the weather for your own account using /pweather
  • Ability to clear your own inventory using /clear
  • Ability to smelt everything in your inventory using /smelt
  • Ability to set a hat using /hat
  • Ability to bottle ALL your exp using /bottle
  • Ability to set the time for your own account using /ptime
  • Ability to kill all mobs in a 15 block radius using /killmobsnearby (does not work in other peoples claim)
  • Ability to sort your own chests using /chestsort
  • Ability to turn ingots and nuggets into actual blocks using /autoblock
  • Ability to craft spawners. You can craft spawners by having a nether star in the middle of a crafting table and 8 mob eggs. Eggs can be obtained by nets
  • Ability to disguise as certain mobs: Creeper, Zombie, Blaze, Magma Cube, Slime, Skeleton, Horse
  • Ability to create colored signs
  • Ability to use /glow with these colors: White, Pink, Gray, Dark Gray, Aqua
  • Receive an EXTRA row in your /ec (enderchest)
  • INSTANTLY receive $10,000 of in-game money
  • INSTANTLY receive 5x TRIASSIC¬†keys
  • Access to higher queue priority than users below you